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Criminal law attorney-court appointed or private?

Will your court appointed lawyer give you quality legal representation?

Iowa has one of the most effective indigent defense program in the nation, despite the low pay provided to the many attorneys who represent indigent clients as part of their practice. Many experienced, well qualified attorneys work under contract with the State Public Defender, and provide quality legal services at a low price to the criminally accused. However, some contract attorneys are early in their legal careers and have not previously handled many serious felony cases. More importantly, many court appointed attorneys lack experience representing clients charged with serious sex offenses. Sex crimes are different than almost any other category of offenses because of the negative public sentiment and the minefield of collateral consequences that go along with conviction of most sex offenses in Iowa. Sex crimes are punished very severely in Iowa. On top of lengthy prison terms, many sex crimes carry lifetime supervision and registration requirements, as well as exclusion zones, and work and residency restrictions. If your court appointed attorney lacks a record of success in handling sex crime offenses, you should gather your financial resources and hire the best criminal defense attorney you can afford. Sex crimes are serious, with lifetime consequences to you and your family. Now is not the time to get by with less than the best legal representation you can afford.


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