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Insurance company won’t pay?

What should you do if your car is damaged by the negligence of another driver, but their insurance company won’t pay the full amount of your damages?

This question illustrates two basic truths about auto insurance. First, insurance companies are interested in their own profit. So they never want to pay more than they have to. Second, insurance companies protect their own insured from financial liability. The other guy’s insurance company is not there to help you. They want to get your case closed for the least amount of money. When another driver is at fault but his insurance company won’t pay, you need a lawyer to fight for you. Your lawyer can even the playing field by making it clear to the insurance company that you will sue if they don’t pay the true value of the claim. When the insurance company realizes you are ready to sue, suddenly your request for fair compensation doesn’t sound so bad. It’s all about the money for them.

Call me today if you need help recovering for injuries you received in an auto accident. I will determine the responsibility of the other party and get you the money you deserve.


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