Do I need a lawyer for my car wreck case?

Attorney George B. Jones


Do I have a case for a lawsuit?: My family and I got into a vehicle accident just over a month ago and I have been in pain every since then!! I have been going through physical therapy but it is not helping.
Everyone is saying to contact a lawyer?

George’s answer: Generally, if the other party is at fault, their insurance company will try to get you to settle quickly, before you get a lawyer. They offer you quick money before you even know the full extent of your injury. A good personal injury lawyer will help you reach a proper evaluation of the value of your case, which will include many things the insurance company is not likely to include in their initial offer to you–things like future medical bills, pain, lost wages, future lost wages, temporary and permanent disability. If you are not well, you need to be seeking appropriate medical treatment and you need to wait until you have fully recovered before you accept any settlement from an insurance company. Your claim may exceed the value of the other party’s insurance, in which case you may have a claim under your own policy for underinsured coverage. Sometimes your policy allows you to “stack” uninsured coverage so that you can double the value of your UM coverage if you have two vehicles. Navigating the legal and medical issues surrounding a personal injury claim is not easy. You need someone on your side who knows the rules and knows how to get the insurance company to pay what you deserve. You definitely need a personal injury lawyer working for you. Good luck.

Insurance company won’t pay?

What should you do if your car is damaged by the negligence of another driver, but their insurance company won’t pay the full amount of your damages?

This question illustrates two basic truths about auto insurance. First, insurance companies are interested in their own profit. So they never want to pay more than they have to. Second, insurance companies protect their own insured from financial liability. The other guy’s insurance company is not there to help you. They want to get your case closed for the least amount of money. When another driver is at fault but his insurance company won’t pay, you need a lawyer to fight for you. Your lawyer can even the playing field by making it clear to the insurance company that you will sue if they don’t pay the true value of the claim. When the insurance company realizes you are ready to sue, suddenly your request for fair compensation doesn’t sound so bad. It’s all about the money for them.

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What if your auto insurance expired?

Can you sue for injuries you receive in an auto accident even if your own insurance policy has expired?

Those who cause damage to others are responsible, under the law, to pay the injured person a sufficient sum of money to “make them whole.” The primary purpose of the insurance you buy for your own vehicle is to protect you from having to pay others for the damages and injuries you cause to them by your negligent actions–with limited exceptions, your insurance doesn’t pay you for your injuries, it protects you from the financial risk of having to pay someone you have injured. So, if the other party caused the accident, you can recover from them the reasonable value of your damages and injuries, regardless of whether you had insurance on your vehicle, or were driving on an expired license or expired tags. Keep in mind that the law of contributory negligence may apply to restrict all or a portion of your recovery if you shared in the responsibility for causing the accident. In Iowa, as long as the other party was more at fault than you, your injuries are still compensable, even if you were partly to blame for the accident. The bottom line is that whether you had insurance or not, you may be able to recover for your injuries, even if you think you were partly at fault in causing the accident. This depends on the law of your state and the facts of your case, so always consult an experienced personal injury lawyer after any accident in which you or a loved one is injured.

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