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Siri is your new BFF: “Siri–read my new text messages”

Texting while driving in Iowa is now a primary offense.  That means you can be stopped for sending or receiving a text message even if the officer has no other reason to stop you.  “Siri–send a text message to my wife,” and “Siri–read my new text messages,” are still permitted, as Iowa’s new law (effective […]

Let me help with that accident injury case: now accepting new clients

Accident injury alert! Hey folks! I’m hoping to keep you better apprised of the happenings in my office by integrating my website blog posts with my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ sites. Stay tuned for more information about my practice, including how I can help you obtain just compensation for your personal injuries from car […]

Wrongful Conviction–seeking volunteer

I’m looking for a volunteer to help review a wrongful conviction case. The work would involve a commitment of a year or more, reviewing court records and investigative files, and contacting old and new witnesses. If you are interested, email me with a statement of your interest and your background. You do not need to […]

Breathalyzer Test Results Flawed

An unknown number of drunken driving convictions across Massachusetts could be in jeopardy following the discovery of a problem with the calibration of Breathalyzer machines. Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett has instructed all of his prosecutors to stop using the results of the tests in pending cases, until further notice, after he and other […]

New Ruling Regarding Drug Dogs

Police must have reasonable suspicion to utilize a drug dog at a routine traffic stop–the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today in Rodriguez v. U.S.    

FBI admits they cheated for the prosecution

  Here’s why you need a lawyer who understands the use of expert witness testimony defending you when you are facing criminal charges–because the government often cannot be trusted to present unbiased scientific findings. You need your own experts to challenge the government’s “scientists” and hold their feet to the fire when they skew their […]

Criminal law attorney-court appointed or private?

Will your court appointed lawyer give you quality legal representation? Iowa has one of the most effective indigent defense program in the nation, despite the low pay provided to the many attorneys who represent indigent clients as part of their practice. Many experienced, well qualified attorneys work under contract with the State Public Defender, and […]


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