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Many clients facing drug charges have made poor choices and have become addicted to a way of life that keeps spiraling downward.  An arrest for a drug charge often means a person has hit bottom, and has nowhere to turn.  Such people need a defense attorney who can help them find a way out of this destructive lifestyle.  Finding an appropriate treatment program for a client facing drug charges is often the best way to help the client get back on the right track, and can lead to significant charge and sentence reductions.

I have helped many clients enroll in drug treatment programs, enabling them to go straight from county jail into an inpatient treatment program.  Often, the completion of a treatment program prior to trial will help convince the prosecutor to reduce the charges, and at sentencing, will convince the judge to be more lenient in determining whether to suspend a sentence, or offer a defendant the chance for a deferred judgment.

In order to successfully defend drug charges, it is often necessary to work with the client on a rehabilitation plan, while simultaneously pursuing an aggressive defense of the charges. 

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