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Motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents

Motorcycles must follow the same laws of the road as vehicles, but they also have special licensing requirements to ensure they can operate their motorcycle safely. Motorcycle accidents have a higher risk of severe injury due to the unprotected nature of the motorcycle. When a motorcycle crash occurs, the cyclist is often catapulted off the bike which can result in serious injury. 

Bicycle accidents, like motorcycle accidents,  have an elevated chance of severe injury due to the lack of protection. Collisions that are most frequently reported are with commercial and passenger vehicles. Accidents between pedestrians and vehicles are extremely common, and sadly, one pedestrian death occurs about every 1.6 hours, according to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Millions of pedestrians are severely injured and suffer permanent disability from the accident causing grief, suffering, and economic hardship. Some of the most common risk factors for pedestrian accidents include: speed, alcohol, lack of pedestrian facilities in road design and inadequate visibility of pedestrians. 

It is important that fault and liability be determined early on to protect your legal claim and maximize your recovery . If you have been injured in a motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident, call us. 

With our proven personal injury track record, we are the right team to help support you during this trying time.


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