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What are some possible defenses to OWI in Iowa?

  • Officer lacked probable cause to stop your vehicle.
  • Officer lacked probable cause to request a test.
  • Officer failed to properly administer the test.
  • Officer failed to read the implied consent advisory.
  • Officer waited too long before taking a breath sample.
  • The machine was not properly calibrated or certified.
  • The officer who administered the test was not certified.
  • The test result did not accurately reflect your BAC at the time of driving.
  • The officer denied your right to pre-test phone call.
  • You consumed alcohol after driving but before your arrest.
  • You were not the driver. 

These and many other defenses may be available in your case.
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 How can an OWI attorney help with my case?

  • Find the best possible defense for your case.
  • Help you obtain a deferred judgment to avoid the mandatory jail term.
  • Appeal your driver’s license revocation.
  • Delay the starting date of your license revocation.
  • Help you get your temporary restricted license.
  • Help you enroll in substance abuse treatment, if needed.
  • Help you enroll in drunk driving class.
  • Help you obtain SR22 insurance certification.
  • Help you get your license back.

You only have ten days from your offense to appeal your license revocation!  Call me today!

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