Personal Injury Case Results

  • Worker crushed by collapsed scaffolding. Recovered over $7 Million.
  • Recovered $3 million for family of deceased cancer patient for failure to diagnose.
  • Over $650,000 recovered for victim of trucking accident.
  • Client injured during hysterectomy. Recovered $450,000
  • Wrongful death of pedestrian $395,000. Recovered policy limits against responsible driver and additional $125,000 in loss of consortium claim for decedent’s adult daughter.
  • Slip and fall on ice in parking lot. Using experts, obtained $175,000 settlement for client with head injury.
  • Recovered $150,000 for client knocked down by landlord’s dog.
  • Worker paralyzed in work accident. Obtained $600,000 settlement plus $1Million in structured settlement for future medical expenses.
  • Client struck cow on highway. Settled for $315,000.
  • Drowning death in boating accident leads to over $200,000 settlement for victim’s estate.
  • Recovered $150,000 for auto accident victim with broken collar bone
  • Medical negligence settlement against radiologist. $125,000
  • Rear end auto collision with neck injuries. Settled for $95,000.
  • Recovered over $150,000 for injured passenger under family’s uninsured motorist policy when negligent driver was family member excluded from liability coverage under the policy.
  • Recovered $95,000 for slip and fall victim who fell on ice near apartment dumpster.
  • Settled workers compensation claim for employee after employer tried to deny that worker was their employee. $75,000 recovered.
  • Recovered policy limits $100,000 for passenger in single vehicle accident.
  • $250,000 recovered after insurance company denied liability in head on collision case.
  • Over $60,000 recovered for whiplash client with less than $10K in medical treatment bills.
  • Recovered $30,000 in case rejected by Hupy & Abrahamson after insurance company denied liability.
  • Recovered policy limits from insured driver and underinsured policy carrier for victim of auto-motorcycle accident. $125,000 recovered.
  • Recovered wrongful death benefits for surviving parent and estate of teenager killed as passenger in auto collision. $50,000 recovered.
  • Recovered over $60,000 for victim traumatized by at fault driver who died in the collision.

Legal disclaimer:  No attorney can guaranty results.  My record of success in the cases cited above will not guaranty a particular result in your case, and the facts and circumstances of every case are unique.