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Sex crimes are punished very severely in Iowa. See my track record for successful defense of sex crimes charges.

After lengthy prison terms, many sex crimes carry lifetime supervision and registration requirements, as well as exclusion zones, and work and residency restrictions.

False allegations of sexual abuse against children are especially difficult to defend.

Your defense must establish: “If it didn’t happen, then why did the child say it did?”

If you can’t explain this to the jury, then you stand little chance of a not guilty verdict.

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Defending Repressed and Recovered Memory Claims

More on defense of sex crimes

Ten year supervision for conviction of Class D or Misdemeanor Sex Offense: See Iowa Code Section 903B.2

Iowa’s Sex Offense Registry.

For rules on who is required to register, see Iowa Code Section 692A.103

For rules on sex offender exclusion zones, see Iowa Code Section 692A.113

For rules on sex offender work restrictions, see Iowa Code Section 692A.113 and 692A.115

For rules on sex offender residency restrictions, see Iowa Code Section 692A.114

Review this page on my website: Repressed and Recovered Memories

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