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I have successfully defended many sexual abuse charges, including:

  • State v. M (2012). Father falsely accused of sexually explicit touching by daughter.  Charges dismissed after my investigation results were shared with the prosecutor.
  • State v. M (2009-11).  The alleged victims believed that they had “recovered” memories of multiple sexual assaults from their childhood.  Investigators accepted the accusers’ stories and arrested client, his brothers, father and uncle, charging all of them with multiple counts of rape, alleged to have occurred many years prior.  After nearly two years of litigation, involving use of expert witness testimony, depositions of officers and accusers, and aggressive discovery of personal records of the accusers, all charges were dismissed by the prosecution.
  • State v. D (2005).  Grandfather falsely accused of sexual abuse by pre-teen grand-daughter.  Use of expert witness at trial helped us show the inconsistencies in the accuser’s story, and her motivation to lie.  Jury found the client NOT GUILTY.
  • State v. M (2004).  Client was facing multiple Class C Felony charges for multiple alleged events of sexual contact with minor.  Investigation, including taking deposition of alleged victim, obtaining her treatment records, and hiring expert psychologist to review inconsistencies in child’s statements, led to a significant pre-trial charge reduction and guilty plea that cut prison term to a fraction of what client faced if convicted.
  • State v. K (approx 1995).  Client’s daughter was coached by father and ex-husband to falsely accuse mother of sexual abuse.  Child’s therapist engaged in unprofessional and improper questioning of child, leading child to believe she had been abused.  Using expert witnesses to analyze the history of contacts between child and therapist, I filed a pretrial motion requesting a taint hearing to determine whether the child’s testimony was so tainted by the improper questioning to be inadmissible in court.  Result was that all charges were dropped.

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